Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Supertramp, Anyone?

First, a quick deviation: Really? Child's Play 2010? With Brad Dourif as Chucky? How long does poor Brad have to play that particular role? It's been 22 years, people. 22 long years. Let him go. Just let him escape with a shred of dignity intact. Please. Go the way of all remakes and GIVE THE ROLE TO SOMEONE ELSE.

Or not.

For the record, I've never seen any of the Child's Play films. But I spent a great deal of time as a rabid fan of Brad Dourif back in high school, and I still feel a sense of loyalty to the man. It just makes me sad to see the same old films on his filmography. A little variety, maybe?


Took the long way home (hence the title...did anyone else listen to Supertramp a ton? I did...). Drove through some beautiful houses in a nicer area just outside my town that I never seem to explore. And I've determined a few things about the exterior of my dreamhouse.

Sunlight exposure (not TOO many trees), privacy (just ENOUGH trees), a crowded garden, and one of those farmhouse connectors between the house and the shed. You know, like the thing Lizzie swings from in Pride & Prejudice? During that lovely seasonal-change interlude thing? Yeah, one of those.

There will be cozy lighting, visible through the just-enough amount of windows. A covered porch for rocking chairs on rainy days and summer meals al fresco. A screendoor and painted shutters. Oh, and that reminds me: fun but not garish paint color. Depends on the area I live in, probably, but something fun. And a red or green door. After Ireland I need a red or green door.

Also, there will be no stucco. I'm not a fan. Nor will there be modernistic all-straight-lines business. Sloping roof, eyebrow windows, a plump chimney, and nooks and crannies.

I like looking at houses. It's one of those fun not-so-guilty pleasures. :)

-The GLS
(PS: To combat my Lord Dunsany malaise, I appeased myself by buying two of his collections from Amazon. Price for both? Under $30 including shipping. Take that, $300 rare edition of The Collected Jorkens Volume 1...)

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