Saturday, April 17, 2010

Redefining "Tea Room"

What is this?

Is it muddy spaghetti? The world's largest pot of pho?

I'll give you a hint: My room smells very strongly of Irish Breakfast Tea.

Here's another hint: The cupboard in the background is where I keep my yarn.

Got it yet?

Yes, I'm TEA DYEING yarn!

I bought this skein of white Kerry Woollen Mills yarn from the Irish imports store a few months ago, and I mainly wanted it because it smelled like sheep. I LOVE that smell.

But it's white. And I make a point of not buying white yarn, because there's very few things I'll wear that are white. It just invites stains.

So I thought...why not purposefully stain it? Using Irish Breakfast tea, and keeping well within the same theme? I'm going to let it set overnight. I hope the color darkens a bit more than it already has. That weird effect in the photo is actually a glass plate that I set on top of the yarn so it doesn't float. Apparently my great grandma used to do that with her pickles to keep them submerged. According to my mom, anyway.

I'll let you know how it goes. Could be interesting...

-The GLS

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