Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gutsy Enough Not to Use An Ampersand.

Oh my gosh!!

Yeah. I decided I was in a title rut. So the ampersand is going to take a little break.

Today I realized I had too few knitting projects going on. Basically it's just a re-start of this adorable elfin hat that I've been inching my way through for weeks. And the "Pippin" scarf that I started but never continued because I realized I'd been reading the pattern wrong the whole time. Phooey.

So I spent some time this afternoon re-winding all of my messy skeins of yarn into nice little balls and then organizing them in the antique hutch they should live in (they tend to spill out all over my workspace). I also now have a paper bag full of yarn scraps to use for stuffing, should I ever need it, and a jar for varying balls of scrap yarn. One for larger scraps, and a smaller one for scraps that are too long for stuffing but not long enough to make anything bigger than a coin purse.

Having organized my yarn, I came across the red yarn that I got from a hat I bought in Galway. It was a cheap (like, 3 euro) hat that I really liked the style of, but it melted a day or two after I bought it. And by melted, I mean unraveled. In an epic fashion.

So I spent WAY longer than I needed to unraveling the yarn from the hat so I could use it for something else. It's a bright, cherry red and oh-so-soft. So I'm making a pair of handwarmers with it! It just seems right. Add a pair of red-and-white flapper buttons and we're in business!

The pattern for the handwarmers was one of the first patterns I ever tried when I first started knitting, and I've wanted to make these with this yarn for several months now, but I'm only now getting started. I think this is going to be a norm for me, unfortunately.

Pics when I finish. Perhaps even a before and after...hat to handwarmers. :)

-The GLS

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