Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Perfect Murder...and why KMTT is meh.

Quick Note: This is why 103.7 The Mountain is no longer "my" radio station. I tuned over to them for a moment to see what was up (because KEXP had gone into one of their random forays into rap...). For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Mountain's programming, Tuesdays are "New Music Tuesdays", and every so often an automated message will come on saying, "New Music Tuesday...on the Mountain!" and new music will then commence to play. This evening, the automated message came on...right before playing "Sweet Home Alabama".


Okay, here's the important stuff. I woke up this morning congested, but overall fine. As the day progressed I got snottier...and achier...and I was not okay with it.

So, tonight, I am planning the Perfect Murder. Of a COLD, that is!

Ingredients Needed to Murder a Cold:

1. Portuguese Garlic Soup. No, you're not reading that wrong. It's pretty much a little bit of chicken stock surrounded on all sides by minced garlic and cayenne pepper. In other words, heaven. Nose-clearing heaven. (And yes, I DID just link to myself on my other blog. You gotta problem with that??)

2. Neti Pot. This is a marvel. It's basically a ceramic teapot that you put salt water in and flush out your nose. Which sounds gross...and it is. But feels SO good, and actually works!

3. BBC Comedy. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine. I happen to be watching "Mock the Week" right now, because watching English people poke fun at their politics is funnier than watching Americans argue about ours.

4. Wool socks. Just because.

5. The earliest possible bedtime. Which, for me, is going to be around 8:30pm. This is why I'm blogging early.

By the time we next meet, I hope to have done the dirty deed, or at least set the chain of events rolling that will end in my cold's ultimate demise. Wish me luck.

-The GLS

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