Saturday, April 24, 2010


Here's a quick list of my fantastic Friday before I pass out:

1) Good day at work with the kiddies. They were in a remarkably good mood for a Friday. Typically the end of the week is tough...

2) Unexpected dinner out with Indefish and her sister, Mother-of-Cheeks (soon to be Mother-of-Brother-of-Cheeks...both of whom desperately need new labels in this blog). Ate smoked salmon chowder (yuuuuuumm!), caesar salad, and creme broulee. And a bite (or two, or five) of everyone else's food, of course.

3) Then, a gathering of camp folks for belly-aching laughter, a few inappropriate jokes, and a lot of funny stories. Also fudge. (Wait, fudge on top of creme broulee? Yes. Stop judging me.) It's so nice to be among such wonderful people. They're crazy, and I love them. :)

Now, I must take a Logic quiz. Which definitely is a bit of a downer on the evening. But as soon as I take it, it will be over for the weekend, and I can sleep in tomorrow morning! Good news...

-The GLS

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