Friday, April 16, 2010

A Blog With A View.

Yes, I'm watching the old favorite "A Room With A View". Lovely film. Helena Bonham Carter before...the Weird. Back when she was sweet-faced, innocent, and adorable.

Anyway, tonight's gutsiness was food-related once again.

It begins with leftovers: spaghetti and mizithra cheese with one pesto-chicken sausage.

Sounds pretty humble. Delicious, but humble.

But then you grab your cast-iron skillet (once again!). Throw in a chopped onion, a portobello mushroom cap, some black pepper and garlic powder, some ruby red port, and the sausage. Sautee the lot until you can't tell what's what.

Heat up the spaghetti, browned butter, and mizithra.


The music today? The "Keep It Together" album by Guster. LOVE Guster. Forgot how much I loved them until I dug the afore-mentioned album out of the closet.

"In the the were always there...digging down where the roots had burrowed underneath. Now the grass is always overgrown. And the weeds are choking out the sun. Pretty soon they'll come under the door...and you don't care!"

-The GLS

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