Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Of Spock and Naan...

(Title courtesy of my mother, though she's unaware that she inspired it.)

I'm about to go take a wild stab at an online Logic exam, but I thought I should update quickly first just so that I don't forget.

Today I thought I had no gutsiness to my name until I realized that I had been daydreaming about this stupid book I had seen at Barnes & Noble on the clearance shelf. It was a cookbook--a BREAD cookbook--and I kept fantastizing about it in the most deplorable way.

Long story short, it's 9:50pm as I write this. I finally found and purchased the book about 45 minutes ago. Let's just say that the Northgate location of B&N is dead to me, and the Alderwood one has reaffirmed its worth in my life.

I'm determined to try one of these bread recipes, tomorrow, to make up for my anti-climactic gutsiness today. This book is amazing! It's called "100 Great Breads" by Paul Hollywood, and I can't stop salivating as I look at the pretty pictures. Stay tuned for any gutsy bread attempts...dang, I think I need to go buy some active yeast!

I'll add that Flora took all of the driving around like a champ, although I think she's as ready to sleep as I am.

Hold up there, GLS. Time to go be logical.


-The GLS

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