Sunday, April 18, 2010

Congratulations! It's A Hat!

Yep, it's finally happened.

I was a busy little bee, today. Before noon I had already hung my tea-dyed yarn out to dry on the gazebo, measured my nearly-completed prototype elfin hat on the head of the elf to whom it would be given, and started making a batch of tea scones for brunch.


The scones were delicious, although a bit dense...but scones often are, right? And the clotted cream to put on them was fantastic. Thank you, PCC, for stocking Devonshire cream!

But my greatest achievement is this: I FINALLY FINISHED THE ELF HAT.

Yes! I had decided I was going to give the hat to the child of a friend, whom I refer to here as "Cheeks". I drove over there this morning with the hat sans strap, buttons, little flower things, and with the elastic untied just to see if the body of the hat itself fit her head. And it did! Perfectly!

After measuring it on the little elf's head I went home, added the finishing touches (the strap, the buttons, the cute little flower/leaf/treestar/butterfly things), and drove back to their house a few hours later to drop it off and let Cheeks put it on!

She seemed to really like it. At the moment the strap is a bit too loose under her chin (I'm hoping she can grow into it), so she enjoyed pulling the hat off and then sticking it back on, pulling it off, sticking it on...great fun. Glad I sewed that strap on good and tight. :)

It feels nice to have that bit of knitting done. And now I want to make more. Lots more! Uh oh. This may be the start of a beautiful friendship between me...and elfin hats.

-The GLS

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