Sunday, April 11, 2010

Better Late Than Never.

A room has layers, just like an onion. But also like the earth itself. The layers in the earth tell you what happened during the time when that layer was the surface. The layers in your room tell you how long it's been since you cleaned off your floor.

Today, I went out to buy some random things. I bought some yarn that I had been eyeing (Patons!), and some books from Half-Price Books (afghans! woodstoves! farmer's almanac!), a hostess apron from the antique store (although if it's an antique I'll eat my socks), and a vinyl of the Chieftains (my second one) for $2. I brought all of my swag home and was very excited to pop my vinyl on my turntable...

...when I realized I COULDN'T because there was a mountain of magazines on the lid of my record player.

And then I looked around my room, and realized that there was junk still lying around from the Cetaceous Period (roughly), and decided to do something about it then and there.

Yes, indeed, I cleaned my room. No, I RAVAGED my room. I was unstoppable. I had a vacuum in one hand and a trashbag in the other. I did laundry, moved furniture, threw away old homework, got rid of some shoes I didn't like. It was epic.

I even attacked the "entryway" of my room (the little corner next to the door), which I kept avoiding because it's where all of the shoeboxes and giftbags end up from Christmases and birthdays and random shoe purchases. But no more. I was a recycling/garbage-canning machine. And now my shoes live where their shoeBOXES used to, nicely lined up against the wall.

And now, I'm sitting here in the middle of a spotlessly clean floor, and all I can think about is that my desk is still a mess. Oh well. We can't do it all in one day, now can we?

I really should have taken a before and after picture, because was SO bad. And it's still not perfect (the aforementioned desk...AND there's a corner of the room next to my bed that I'm kind of ignoring) but for all intents and purposes it looks fantastic. If nothing else, my clothes are CLEAN! Starting out the week with clean clothes? Priceless. :)

-The GLS
PS: I'm also excited that I introduced the clerk at Half-Price Books to the wonder of Lord Dunsany. Though they didn't carry any of his books. Can't say I'm surprised.

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