Saturday, April 10, 2010

Panda Cattle, Red Pandas...Forsooth!

If I had been Queen Elizabeth, I don't think William would have won the wager in "Shakespeare In Love." But this is only due to my bias AGAINST Romeo & Juliet, which I don't care to explain at this present time.

HOWEVER, having seen Shakespeare In Love fully for the first time this evening, I can safely say that it is a beautifully done film! Funny, romantic, and I had to put my eyes back into their sockets after seeing all of those costumes...those costumes!! My gosh.

In other news, I took Flora for her first drive to the zoo today! Woodland Park Zoo rocks my socks off, mainly because its URL is awesome is that?

The bears were swimming, the siamangs were screaming, the gorillas were pooping in their hands (seriously), and in general all of the animals were quite frisky and happy and wandering about. It was refreshing to actually see them DOING stuff, as our animals tend to like to hide in their awesome habitats.

My only complaint (hence the title) is that we have no REAL pandas at the Woodland Park Zoo. Seriously, guys? We have an adorable red panda, and some rather unimpressed panda cattle, but no REAL pandas? Steal some from San Diego, if you must, but get us a panda!

All in all, a great day, if I do say so. :)

-The GLS

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