Monday, April 12, 2010

A Little...Illumination.

I was just reminiscing about back in my old neighborhood when I had a "clap-on, clap-off" mechanism for one of my lamps. I really liked that thing. I'm kinda sad we got rid of it...

On a related note, I had a first today, which would never be considered gutsy by anyone else in this world but me.

I bought a lampshade!


For the record, I've had this lamp for a long time. It's this pretty standard straight-lines walnut (I think) table lamp that I've had in my room since the dawn of time (or thereabouts). But ever since I can recall, it's always had a black lampshade.

Now, we're not talking a transluscent black, here. We're talking a completely solid black lampshade. Don't ask my why I wanted a black lampshade on this lamp. Who knows what middle school students are thinking, really? What did I know about interior design?

So in the midst of cleaning my room yesterday, I found myself pondering this lamp. It tends to be my "mood lighting" when I don't want the bright above-light on at night. It sits on the antique washstand I "inherited" from my great-grandmother (read: knicked from my grandparents' house) where my yarn, my cookbooks, electric kettle, and an antique coffee grinder live. And it looked woefully out of place with that ridiculous black lampshade, which by the way blocks most of the light I could be getting from this lamp.

On my lunchbreak today I bit the bullet, drove to Fred Meyer, and bought me a lampshade. An off-white, canvas-textured lampshade. I wanted something classic, but not outdated. I wanted something I could keep forever. No frills. Just a good ol' lampshade.

And here it is, in its natural habitat:

Ahh, would you look at that glow? So nice. :)

-The GLS

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