Monday, April 26, 2010

Love, Logic, & Hawkeye Pierce

(I've been watching old MASH episodes! It was my favorite show when I was young. Seriously. And tell me Alan Alda wasn't the most charming anti-patriot surgeon you ever saw?)

Today was a Monday, in every sense of the word.

Nah, to be fair, it wasn't terrible. It ended pretty okay, except for a few frustrated tears over my online Logic class. If I'd known it would be so math-intensive I might have been less gung-ho about it. But I'm in it now, so I need to buck up and learn the material. No more crying.

My gutsiness is actually...yet to come. I often stay up way too late, so I thought tonight I'd use that to my advantage and be productive. How, you ask? By cleaning off my pit of a desk.

It's sad, really. My whole room looks fantastic, but my desk looks like I moved all the crap from my floor and placed it right at eye level. Yuck. Needs a makeover.

Now that my Logic homework is done (for now), I thought I'd take EVERYTHING off the desk and put it on my bed. That way I have no choice but to get rid of it before I go to sleep. I like to work my own neuroses against myself, because I can't sleep on a cluttered bed. Physically unable.

Hope by tomorrow night I'll be blogging from a clutter-free desk...

-The GLS

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