Saturday, May 1, 2010

Interior Decorating with the Fonz

Good day, today. Had an inside-watching-films morning with Choo-Choo (my young neighbor whom I often babysit), then headed off to the home of my brother and sister-in-law to babble with my baby neice for a few precious moments. Her first word is "babagee", which (it has been somewhat determined) must be an amalgam of the word "baby" plus her name. Pretty close, anyway...

Then my parents and I drove on over to Third Place Books, one of the best bookstores near my home. We spent the better part of two hours exploring books (and I nipped down to the yarn store a few doors away to take a look...but I BOUGHT NOTHING! Amazed?).

Unbeknownst to my parents and I before we arrived at Third Place, Henry Winkler was in the building! The Fonz! It was very exciting. He spoke for about 45 minutes on the stage they have in the commons area of the bookstore, then moved on over to a table near the entrance to sign copies of his autobiography. It was pretty awesome to see him up close, and he's hysterical.

Then home, where my mother and I spent a long time sipping wine and discussing the things we would do to our house given the choice. My dad mostly stayed out of the conversation, which was wise, as my mom and I can get pretty nuts about interior decorating when we want to...

And all this talk of paint and wainscoting and textiles has put me in the mood to repaint my own room. It's been done a few times, but it's never really felt right. I've also fallen in love with an IKEA rug that I keep drooling over, which might be a gutsy purchase as soon as I decide what sort of paint change I want to make.

Plus, I'm thinking of hijacking the antique wicker rocking chair that's been sitting in the carport for ages. My mom is not eager to have me take it, thinking it's kind of a piece of junk, but I like it. Don't tell my mom, but tomorrow I'm going to unearth it from the sheet of canvas its under and take a good, long, adoring look at it.

Ahh, what a full day. And now you'll have to excuse me...I need to go visit Behr and Valspar and their ilk for some paint ideas.

Goodnight, all!

-The GLS

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