Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm thinking very carefully about this weekend's Great Yeast Bread Experiment, as one needs to be on top of these things. And I think I've narrowed it down to a great breakfast-y recipe of Banana and Muesli Bread, or the Peanut Bread (which is apparently quite good with Nutella...which I adore). They both sound ridiculously good, but which to pick? about BOTH?

The catch is that I've never eaten/cooked with muesli before, but it can't be that hard to find. If I can't find muesli I'll just use rolled oats. Which would be less fun and have a different flavor, of course, but would probably work for the necessary texture.

Also, I like to take the leftovers of my bread to work, and I can't bring the Peanut Bread to the daycare because we have a no-peanuts policy (because of allergies). Hmm...

But I'm still somewhat determined to try both this weekend. I feel it needs to be done.

I stole a component from my old Gateway computer speakers in order to listen to my iPod in the car. I also bought another mug from Value Village. Someone drag me away from that place. On second thought, please don't.

Friday, Friday, here we come.

-The GLS

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