Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feelin' Cheesy...and Cheap.

Hey, GLS...what are you up to?

Oh, nothing. Just eating what is quite possibly the weirdest dinner of all time. And loving it.

Yeah, as I was heading home from church I realized: I haven't eaten dinner. And it's almost 10:00pm. This is a problem. So I stopped in to QFC and wandered around trying to find something yummy AND filling. I wasn't into the deli sandwiches which had been sitting out all day (besides, I wanted a bagel with cream cheese, but they were fresh out). I wasn't about to buy something like a bag of chips, which is unneccessarily fatty and doesn't make you feel any fuller.

I kind of wanted soup, but I knew I wouldn't have access to the kitchen when I got home (parents would be sleeping), so all I would have at my disposal was my electric kettle.

To make a moderate story longer than neccessary and then summarize it: I followed my cravings to a roll of crusty bread, a sample-size wedge of Stilton cheese (yuuuummm), and...a Cup O'Noodle. That's right, we're going with the whole spectrum of foodiness, here.

So here I am, munching away on Stilton and bread and noodles and feeling just grand.

(Did I mention the whole thing cost me $3? Yeah.)

But also lazy, because I really ought to upload a picture of my great-great-grandmother's rocking chair FINALLY at home in my room, but I can't be arsed. Sorry.

Cheese. Bread. Noodles. $3. Win.

-The GLS

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