Saturday, May 15, 2010

Free Range.

What is this?

This, my friend, is a fresh-baked biscuit (light and fluffy, I might add) topped with raspberry preserves, sitting next to two free-range organic eggs (purchased from the Farmer's Market) and served over-medium.

Seriously, I had never truly eaten an egg until I tried these beauties. Oh my goodness, the flavor! The color of the yolk!

This was lunch.

The gutsiness was fairly thick on the ground, today. Fresh baked biscuits, clearing space in my room for my great-great-grandmother's rocking chair, and heading to Half-Price Books where I discovered that I am now a collector.

Allow me to explain. About a year ago I bought "The Chieftains 2" on LP, classic Irish traditional music from the 60's. I love the Chieftains. I've seen them live before, and they're fantastic, so I bought the LP. Little did I know that when I went back to Half-Price months later I would find "The Chieftains 9". Now I was just intrigued. So every time I've been back to HPB, I've found another Chieftains album (there are 10 of the numbered ones).

Today, I found 1, 3, 5, and 7! I've been basking in trad all afternoon.

I also just finished the knitted headrest cozy for Flora (my Toyota Corolla), but upon heading out to the car to make sure it fit I found out that it's not NEARLY wide enough to accomodate the headrest. So...I'm going to turn it into a purse. Haha! No sense letting a cute fish-patterned thingamajig go to waste...

-The GLS

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