Friday, May 7, 2010

Between the HobNobs and a Hard Place...

I'm in a tough spot. That is, sitting right next to an opened canister of McVitie's chocolate-covered HobNobs. Seriously, guys, it's bad news bears.

I actually bought them for my daycare kiddies as a bribe for good behavior in the next few weeks while my head teacher is away on holiday. So I probably shouldn't eat 'em all...but there were a few more biscuits than kiddies, so I thought I'd sample them. You know. To make sure they taste fine.

I need to stay away from the Irish Imports store, methinks.

In other news, I took a half-day off work so I could help my mom with preparations for my Nana's memorial service tomorrow afternoon...and also to buy an outfit for said event. This proved more difficult than I thought it would be, but in the end Romy saved the day and I can feel good about myself--sartorially speaking--on the morrow. In fact, this was the first time I've consulted the salesgirl for help on this sort of thing. Asking questions like, "Is the cream-colored cardigan a bit too light under the circumstances?" and "Please tell me the lace cami is part of the two-for-one deal..." (which it wasn't). In the end, it was a good deal and my mom approves of the outfit...which is the most important thing, actually.

My big gutsiness? I had a ten-dollar copper kettle in my hand at Value Village...and I PUT IT BACK on the shelf because it wasn't in the budget. Wow. Can we all take a moment to recognize that I PUT IT BACK because it wasn't in the BUDGET? Me, of all people?! A piece of HOUSEWARES??

Yeah, pretty amazing stuff. Look at me go.

Don't worry. I appeased myself by buying two .99 cent mugs. They were all alone on a shelf full of complete cup sets, and I felt sorry for them, and they're both rather cute. I'm sipping tea out of one with owls on it, and the other is short and squat, white with blue paint.

I like mismatched mugs. And spending 99 cents.

Although it occurs to me...when you shop at Value Village you start to notice your sense of "priciness" starts to skew, thinking, "10 bucks? That's practically extortion! Who pays 10 bucks for a skirt??"

Only the rest of the foolish world, I suppose.

-The GLS

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