Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wild, Wild Night.

(Joanna Newsom is crooning "Swansea" in the background.)

Ah, what a day!

First of all...Happy Mother's Day to all of you who happen to be mothers!

It was a fine day. We took a drive up to La Conner, which is an adorable town on a channel about an hour and a half north of home. Lots of antiquing ensued. And YES...there were more housewares than I thought humanly possible. But I spent NO MONEY at all today, which I am pretty proud of myself for.

We ate at a bistro called Seeds, which serves all organic (and freakishly delicious) fare. I had an avacado pepper burger and a cup of curried carrot soup, and I was so full afterward that I thought I wouldn't be able to move.

I also attempted to finish my mom's Mother's Day scarf in the backseat of the car without her noticing. She didn't notice, but I didn't finish. Poo. So, that'll be an ongoing project. It's almost done.

When we got home I was bitten by the cooking bug, so I made whole-wheat soda bread (according to Paul Hollywood's recipe, which I've never done before) and a veggie soup with whatever I could find in the pantry. Both turned out quite tasty, I might add. The veggie soup was basically carrots, onions, garlic, white kidney beans, and french-cut green beans. Before serving I pureed part of it to give it a little more thickness. Add some black pepper and Tobasco, and bam! Tasty.

La Conner kind of made me want to own an acreage. A small one. With a goat.

An early work day for me, tomorrow, so time to say goodnight.

-The GLS
PS: I found this fantastic book called The Country Cooking of Ireland at one of the little shops in La Conner. It was like an encyclopedia of delicious! But it was also $50, so I'm going to take it upon myself to find it cheaper somewhere else. Cross your fingers.

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