Monday, May 10, 2010

There Will Be A Quiz.

I'm feeling gutsy by default, thanks to a temporary shift in command at work. So, I don't feel like I need to prove anything this evening.

Some food for thought:
1) Is there a better way I could be using my time than baking a loaf of bread every Sunday?
2) Could Sharon Van Etten's voice be any more haunting?
3) Is having a premature collection of housewares a bad idea?
4) Could anything negative come of refurbishing my great-great-grandmother's rocking chair?
5) Should I have bigger dreams than the ones I have?
6) Would I be able to look myself in the eye if I did?
7) Is the ukulele a dumb main instrument?
8) Is this list an odd way to emotionally manipulate my readership into thinking the way I do?

If you answered "Maybe, but probably not" to all of the above, then you and I think quite alike. Well, if you answered "Yes" to #8 we can still be friends...

-The GLS

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