Friday, May 28, 2010

10-4, Good Buddy.

Posting a bit early, tonight...

I'm off to camp for the weekend, y'all! Think of me while it rains, as I'll likely be standing by the waterfront in bright yellow boots and my new black rainslicker, shoving canoes into the lake and calling out orders over the megaphone. OR I'll be in the back of a pickup truck, or around a campfire, or something equally wonderfully rustically campy.

Truth is, I miss camp a whole lot, and since I won't be working there this summer I'll probably find many of my weekends are booked up with volunteering. Can't give it up, this camp thing. :)

Obviously, while I'm gone, there will be no Internet access and therefore no regular nightly posts. So don't be lookin' for 'em.

I need to go pack...

To those of my readers who live in the States, Happy Memorial Day and enjoy the long weekend*!

To those of you NOT in the States...uh...enjoy the not-so-long weekend!

-The GLS
*I keep saying "long weekend" like the Australians in Danny Deckchair. "Long weekEND."

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