Tuesday, May 4, 2010

H > J

1. H > J
2. H = (S & R)
3. (S & R) v F
4. ~F / J
5. S & R DS 3, 4
6. H MP 2, 5
7. J MP 1, 6

Since the conclusion is J, the argument is valid.

...now let's just hope the argument is true.

-The GLS
PS: In case you're wondering, YES I just took a Logic exam. YES the above proof makes sense and does have real English words to go along with it (and NO you can't see them). YES I studied for this exam, so I'm feeling pretty good about it, in fact better than I've felt about Logic in a long time. But YES it was difficult, I'm exhausted, and the above proof is all I have left in me for the evening...

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