Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Vancouver Gutsiness: Trains & Noodles

Well, here I am. In the middle of the largest city in British Columbia, blogging from a computer in the lobby of Hostelling International's Vancouver Central hostel.

And, I'm a little...out of it.

I know, I know. This happened once before, when I first landed in Galway. I felt homesick and sad and tired and lonely and confused. And then I met my roommate at the hostel and suddenly everything felt like it would be okay! And I ended up having a marvelous time!

Annoyingly, I won't have enough time to get used to Vancouver. Just two nights, and then I go home.

Two nights. So why am I whining?

Argh, well...I know I shouldn't. I'm gutsy, right? Yes. I enjoy stepping out into the unknown? Yes. I learn from everything I do? Yes.

Then why do I feel so down?

To be fair, I think I've determined that I'm not a big city person. This might be part of the problem. Or...most of the problem. Because Vancouver--while attractive--is QUITE large.

Could also be that, for some reason, I keep comparing this trip to Ireland, and that's a mistake. They are completely unrelated trips, in many many ways. And I'm putting way too much emphasis and analysis into this trip, in general. It's only two nights. Not two weeks.

So there.

Well, I'm going to sign off (even though my hour of Internet isn't up...oops...). The reason I'm signing off prematurely is that I'm HUNGRY. I haven't eaten since the train, and that was hours ago. Nearly eight hours ago, to be precise. Yeah. I'm hungry.

I will now go make my Canadian cup-o-noodle and smile like I mean it.

Don't worry about me. This too shall pass. Perhaps tomorrow will be so much fun I'll be kicking myself, wondering why I went to all the trouble of complaining. Perhaps tomorrow I'll wonder what ever came over me. Perhaps I'll come away from this trip with lovely thoughts, memories, and revelations to show for it.

Positive thinking. I shall employ it. Here we go...

Yay Vancouver!

-The GLS

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