Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shock & Awe

So, I was in the car today, and this song came on. And I was like, "You know? This is kinda fun."

It featured some guy (with an extremely recognizeable voice, I might add) doing spoken-word, which then broke into a really cool vocal chorus. It just kept building and building, rocking solid. I was grooving. The sun was shining. It was all very nice.

I got home and looked it up, by title. Because the most prominent words were "common people", I figured it was a safe bet.

And it was! "Common People" by a band called Pulp. Okay.'s not it. That's not the right version. What was I listening to?

And then I found it. The cover version that I had heard. The voice that had sounded so familiar. It all came together...

It was William Shatner.

I had heard that the man had released a CD of himself reading his work with musical accompaniment. I knew he had done some rock song covers, too. I knew this existed in the world, but I swore to never listen to it, because William Shatner is many things, but a poet? Musically inclined? Eh. I remained unconvinced. He will always be to me either James T. Kirk (of questionable rank) or that guy from Miss Congeniality. Or the Priceline commercial spokesman.

However...I will admit, as my act of gutsiness for the day, to actually ENJOYING his cover of "Common People". It's ridiculously fun. A really good summery song.

I feel a little dirty just saying that.

But there it is.

Go find it on YouTube or something. It's worth a listen. Especially if you're a Trekkie or just like....ellipses....between....every....word. ;D

-The GLS

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