Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cotton & Catalina

It was a wacky, wacky day, today. But a good one, ultimately.

Stopped off at Fred Meyer with my mom and found the skein of yarn I had been looking for. Ironic, yeah? Looked all over at fabric stores and...Freddy's has it. Ah.

The yarn I'm using is cotton! It's my first time knitting with cotton. Not that it's much different than wool or acrylic or alpaca or bamboo (what I'm used to knitting with), but it has a LOT less give/elasticity and therefore less stretch when you're working with it. Other than that I LOVE the color (it's a nice, rich navy blue) and it feels nice to knit with something a little different this time around.

Another classic film night! This one was another doozy. "The Glass-Bottom Boat" starring Doris Day and Rod Taylor. (In case you're wondering: no, it's not about a glass-bottom boat, so the title IS meaningless...glad you asked.)

First, I must restate something very important: I LOVE classic movies. I'm an old movie buff. I thoroughly enjoy them in all of their black-and-white vs. TECHNICOLOR, weird editing, fantastic dialogue glory. I have no prejudice against old movies. This must be clearly understood before you continue reading.

Sometimes I think giving my reviews of movies like "The Glass-Bottom Boat" is kind of pointless, because...let's face it...the movie was made in 1966 and is a self-professed mix of a romcom and a spy movie. So...you can only imagine. Bright jewel-tone paint, misunderstandings, ugly men in drag, "Que Sera, Sera" following Doris Day around like a particularly sad puppy, chauvinistic undertones (or overtones), baritone ukuleles, Cold War "us vs. them" spygames with the Russians, and Rod Taylor with no shirt on. Not that I mind.

Seriously, this film was very strange, plotwise. The actual glass-bottom boat DOES start the film, but never really makes an appearance any other time. Sooo...one DOES wonder about the title a bit.

Okay, yeah, the film was pretty funny. I laughed aloud. HOWEVER if for no other reason, watch this film for Dom DeLuise. Holy cow, I love that man. I love him when he's falling all over himself, stepping in banana cream cake (not pie), stuttering uncontrollably, bugging the hors d'oeuvres, and getting hit in the head with things. He's amazing and hilarious and beloved.

I lied. If for no other reason BESIDES Dom DeLuise, watch this film for Eric Fleming, of "Rawhide" fame. Scratch that. Just go watch "Rawhide". Best TV show ever. And watch Eric Fleming and witness the awesome. Whether driving cattle or trying to steal government secrets, he's just so dashing!

When I was little I saw the old film version of "The Time Machine", and it was the first time I saw Rod Taylor in anything. I fell in love.

Well, I'm older now. And with Rod Taylor and Eric Fleming in the same movie...I think I've grown a bit wiser. I'll take Mr. Fleming, please and thank you.

...I think I need some sleep.

-The GLS

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