Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gaslights & Elfin Hats

Just a few things before this very disconnected-feeling weekend draws to a close.

"Gaslight" -- VERY good old creepy classic movie. Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman doing some of their best work, and an 18-year-old Angela Lansbury, too! It's about this young woman with a shadowy past (of course!) marrying this exotic man and discovering he's not what he seems (of course!). Truly, it was pretty sensational. And terrifying, for a movie made in 1944. Althought I tend to think the old black-and-white movies got it right, horror-wise. Ever seen "The Innocents" with Deborah Kerr? Holy crap. That movie was terrifying...

In other news, my dear little elfin hat experiment flopped. Literally, actually, it turned out ridiculously floppy. That's the problem with cotton, I guess. Besides that the proportions were all wrong. So I started another one with a different yarn, and it turns out it was the YARN'S fault for being the wrong size.

But then, I have to remember that I CHOSE the yarn, so...there's still no one to blame but myself. Phooey.

Well, I'm starting the hat over. Hopefully soon I'll have a nice, finished product to show off on here.

Until tomorrow,

-The GLS

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