Friday, March 12, 2010

Jumping & Ice Cream

Two GREAT songs from the KEXP front, today. "Ice Cream" by Muscles and "Saw" by Tanlines. No, I didn't cry this time. But I did turn the volume up to ridiculous levels and sing along to, "Ice gonna save the day...again!!"

Now THERE'S a message I can get behind. ;D

In other news...

There are a lot of little childhood things that I never did. Not that I had a deprived childhood. On the contrary, I had a FANTASTIC childhood and have very fond memories of exploring the creek, playing neighborhood-wide hide-and-seek in the dark, picking huckleberries, and riding bikes more than walking. But there are also a few little cliche things that I kind of wish I had done.

For example, chasing butterflies. You know? In the old days kids used to go out and chase butterflies around the yard. Why did I never do that?

Thanks to a diminutive Mexican girl in Valle Verde when I was a junior in high school, I have fulfilled that dream. I was down there for a mission trip and she and I spent the afternoon running around the backyard of the tiny church in the sunshine, chasing little white mariposas around and around and laughing, which didn't require translation.

Another of those dreams was fulfilled today. And that would be puddle-jumping in public.

Yes, I am aware that my "About Me" says that I am a rainy-day puddle-jumper. And that's true. But typically I tend to puddle-jump when no one is looking. It's a little easier to feel "cool" about it, that way.

Not so, today. I was walking from my car to my first class and I noticed that there were some fantastic puddles to be had. And I happened to be wearing my wellies (which just INVITES jumping). So, I looked around. Dang. There were people around. Not a ton (it being 7:30am), but enough to make it uncomfortable.


So I jumped in one. I didn't exactly milk it like I should have. I should have jumped up and down a few times just to cement my gutsiness. But instead I leaped into it, created a satisfactory splash, and then moved on. I didn't check to see if anyone had seen it. I don't care. I hope they did. Maybe then they'll do some puddle-jumping of their very own. :)

It's been a long week, and now it is done. Childhood dream fulfilled. Wrapped in a cushy shawl. Eyelids drooping. Goodnight.

-The GLS

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