Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Prodigal & 60 Stitches

Quick note before I have to go be responsible.

Tonight I watched the BEST-WORST movie I have ever seen! Like, delightfully campy!

Those who know me know that I like classic movies. A lot. I mean, heck, I had a crush on Cary Grant when I was ten. My mom likes to borrow old movies from the library, and she always brings these totally obscure films home with her. Some of them are awesome, and some...well...

Tonight's offering, "The Prodigal" was SO bad it registered on the "This is so bad it's awesome" scale. Picture the BASIC (I cannot stress this word enough) frame of the biblical prodigal son story, and then turn it into a 70 BC cinema spectacle, complete with Lana Turner as the seductress who lures the son away from home in the first place. Totally kitschy.

Actually, if you watch it (and I halfway recommend it), the best scene has to do with a fantastic fight between the main character and an incredible animatronic vulture. It's awesome. I almost peed my pants.

Although, there are also human sacrifices, sparkly bedazzled pagan costumes, blond and ginger-haired girls (in 70 BC Damascus?), random resurrections, stunted dialogue, someone who escapes harm by running across the backs of about six horses (!), afore-mentioned homicidal vulture...gosh, this movie has it all.

The 60 Stitches part of the title refers to my endless knitting project, in which I am down to 60 stitches. So close to finished! I will be sure to post pictures once I'm done. I'll be parading it around for awhile, I think.

Okay. Time to go be responsible.

-The GLS

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