Monday, March 29, 2010

Constellations & Timeclocks

(It occurs to me that at some point I'll run out of things to put on either side of that little ampersand up there. I know it'll happen someday, but I'm unwilling to let that day be today. I'm only 67 posts into the year, okay?)

It seemed a little depressing to create a whole new tag for today's gutsiness. So I'm putting it under "Activities". Because there is NO WAY I'm making a tag for "Classes of Gutsiness".

But yes, this is an unusual school quarter for me! Also, potentially my last quarter in the good ol' undergrad school system, at least for a little while. I am taking two classes (which is NOT unusual), yet neither of them is entirely customary to the way my education has thus far been conducted.

Yes indeed, I am taking one fully-online class and one evening class.

Shocked? Scandalized?

Yeah, I know, it's not that big a deal to most people in 2010. But I've never taken either type of class, before, and this is a big step for me.

The cool part? My evening class is ASTRONOMY. How freakin' cool is that? And this schedule allows me to work full-time while also going to school and (hopefully) graduating this summer.

Downsides: My Astronomy lab goes until 9:50pm. That's...late.

Here's to bringing dinner to class! Good thing the classroom has a microwave...

Phew. This is going to be a good quarter. I can FEEL it!

-The GLS

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