Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hauntings & Wantings

A few weeks ago I first heard a song on KEXP that knocked me off my feet. It was quiet and still and throbbing and lovely, and the warbling female vocalist made me hold my breath until she was finished. I didn't even realize I wasn't breathing until my exhale rocked the car.

For some reason, every other search for this song has turned up diddly, until today. Maybe I kept spelling the singer's name wrong, or maybe this song only just got noticed, I don't know.

But here she is, in all of her haunting glory:

Love More, by Sharon Van Etten.

Please click and enjoy. Ideally in a room with a single candle flickering and nothing else but your eyes shut.

The yearning in this melody is enough to break your heart.

-The GLS

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