Sunday, March 7, 2010

Old Friends & Formulating...

This evening was way better than this afternoon. Or even this morning.

And I know why. It's because I re-attended a church I hadn't set foot in for a year or more: Mars Hill Ballard.

Not that this church and I had a falling out or anything. I just decided to give another church a try for awhile, having been part of MH for three or so years in high school.

But to return felt AMAZING. I realized how much I had missed the music and the messages and the amazing feeling of community...I had forgotten all about it. The downfall of a big church is that it's easy to fall through the cracks, but MH is very intentional about getting its members into smaller community groups so that no one feels on the outskirts of the church and its ministries.

Going to MH and hanging out with some very dear friends also started to put ideas in my head regarding something very, very gutsy. Hence the "formulating" part of this post's title.

But I won't reveal, yet. Because it's unwise to hastily reveal gutsy plans until one has a more gutsy grasp on them.


It's been a full evening, and I have some things to do yet for the final week of Poetry class proper. So I must take my leave of the Internet for now.

Goodnight, friends and well-wishers...

-The GLS

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