Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stars & Wars

Or...Star Wars!

Yeah, thanks to my five-year-old "babysittee" whom I have affectionately dubbed Choo Choo, I have been subjected to Episode I of the Star Wars saga one too many times. But it's only because he loves the podrace scenes. I am SO DONE with Jake Lloyd...

So tonight I dug the VHS of my favorite-favorite of the series, "Return of the Jedi", out of the back of our TV closet, dusted it off, and popped it in for a flashback of more innocent times. I seriously haven't watch it in years.

"Return of the Jedi" really encapsulates my childhood. For some reason at age eight or so, I decided that the other two were too scary for me, so I latched onto good ol' Episode VI as my movie of the decade. I almost wore that tape out, I watched it so much. At the height of that period I could quote along with the whole movie, even trying my hand at the languages of Jabba and his minions, and of COURSE the Ewoks.

Nerdy? If you want to call it that. But you know what? I think everyone has those movies that sort of...defined their childhood memories. It's fun to relive all of that. I had forgotten how cheesy and yet totally superior the original trilogy was and is to the new ones. As a saga I guess they work, but the old ones had a certain charm. The epic score of John Williams, the fantastic puppets and makeup, the ridiculous costumes, George Lucas' questionable linguistic prowess...lightyears ahead of the new ones, which feature stunted "romantic" dialogue between Padme and Anakin, elaborate but slightly racist new alien species, the abomination that is Jar Jar Binks, and NO SENSE OF HUMOR whatsoever. Yikes.

However, I will forgive Episode III, but only because they gave us Wookiees. Lots and lots of Wookiees. As long as there is fuzzy, GLS is happy.

Go watch your favorite childhood movie. Rent it, buy it, whatever it takes. Or, if you can't think of one, borrow mine and watch "Return of the Jedi" one more time. It's good for you.

-The GLS

PS: Warwick Davis is the one constant in all of the madness. I will always love his portrayal of Wicket. Love him.

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