Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tomatoes & Optimism.

(We're back to the ampersand up there again, are we? Yes. Yes we are.)

Sometimes, things don't turn out according to plan.

No, scratch that. MOST times, things don't turn out according to plan.

Take tonight, for example. I had it all planned out. A beautiful French Tomato Tart for dinner, and basil ice cream for dessert. That's all. Nothing TOO crazy. Adventurous, yes, but crazy? Non.

Or perhaps, oui.

I left work MUCH later than planned, hit the Ballard bridge going up, and took a long time selecting stuff at the grocery store. Not to mention once I GOT home, I spilled the makings for the basil ice cream all over the place and had to start over. The kitchen was a mess, and I barely got the dough I made last night (for the tart crust) thawed enough to be workable.

It was crazy. And unexpected. And unpleasant.

And yet...?

Because the Ballard bridge went up (and I left work a bit late) I managed to avoid most of the going-home traffic I usually hit. My taking a long time at the grocery store assured good quality organic products for the best price. By the time the tart was done, my parents and I sat outside and toasted their anniversary to the setting sun and the sounds of the birds. Perfect timing.

As for starting the ice cream over again? Yeah, it was annoying. Especially after accidentally curdling the milk when I was trying to make it into custard and having to re-blend it into submission (my mom's idea). But you know what? The Kitchenaid mixer is quietly and calmly blending it as we speak into what is SUPPOSED to be ice cream. Will it work? Yeah, I have no idea. But it's worth it to find out. Because if I made a mistake, I know what it is, and I can fix it for next time.

Sometimes you just have to look on the bright side.

No, scratch that. MOST times you have to look on the bright side.

-The GLS

By the way, the recipe for that ridiculous (and FANTASTIC) tart can be found here. I love me some David Lebovitz. :)

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