Thursday, June 17, 2010


Rawr. Seriously. I used to hate change, but I actually think I may be starting a reconciliation with it. I mean, this is the summer for change.

Granted, I still live in the same place, and work at the same job, and go to the same church, but the reality is that I'm making a lot of changes this summer that would make even Bowie proud (and that's SAYING something).

For instance, heading toward better health. Watching what I eat, and *gasp* counting calories? And not because I feel I have to, but because I WANT to. It's GOOD for me, and it actually adds to my enjoyment of food and friends because I'm not feeling so guilty about my eating habits anymore! Plus, getting more involved in physical exercise. Yoga, running around with the kids in the afternoons, taking the stairs instead of the elevator. That crazy stuff I used to avoid.

And tonight, I finally stepped through the door of a community group (for the uninitiated: kind of like a Bible study) for the first time in FIVE YEARS of attending Mars Hill. And it was FANTASTIC. I mean, better than that. A small group of awesome young women, all of them imperfect but hilarious and ready to discuss and dive in deeper, all of them ready to hear and discern the truth. Seriously, it was awesome.

The only downside? I have to admit that my parents have been right all along. This is difficult. I am stubborn. But I'll come around.'s time I learned to enjoy life and be a more well-rounded person, and what better time than summer?

Busy day. Full day. Fantastic day.

-The GLS

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  1. Hey Sally,
    Your ch ch changes are refreshing to read. I especially like the going into the small group Bible study one! I pray God blesses your self-knitted socks off by your disciplining yourself for His glory. Oh yeah! : )