Wednesday, June 2, 2010

John Turturro says...

I very nearly forgot to write this, tonight...

So, things are ramping up in order to die back down. My finals are next Wednesday, which means a lot of studying and stress is in order, of course. This weekend is going to be a maze of papers and books and studying. Which is good. It keeps me on my toes.

But what did I do, today, during an hour at the daycare's naptime? Did I begin the study process? Did I read a chapter? Did I mark up a study guide?

Of course not. I wrote a short story!

A very brief excerpt, for your reading pleasure:

No one in Goldgreen knows what became of Flyting Oleanane, the grocer’s daughter. There have been many theories, of course, as theories more so than children are the offspring of small towns. And when Flyting Oleanane disappeared, two dozen theories were born to take her place, which in a gossip’s arithmetic may very well come out even.

Still untitled, but I felt like sharing.

-The GLS
PS: The title of the post? Don't ask. I just feel like I've seen a lot of films with him in them, lately...

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