Saturday, June 19, 2010


I might need a new category here on this blog, namely "Inheritances of Gutsiness", because of all the things I seem to gather in my life. One such thing is the incredibly heavy but wonderful Kitchenaid mixer that my mom inherited from my Nana when she passed away. This thing weighs a ton, and I had never used a stand mixer before so I sort of left it alone for awhile. But last night I decided to use it.

Oh, baby.

I made my magical chocolate chip cookies. The ones that I make whenever I'm feeling blue, or happy, or angry, or contented. Basically, all the time. The ones whose recipe I quickly memorized. The ones that I made in an Irish hostel with unfamiliar ingredients, strangely-numbered appliances, and a skillet (don't wasn't great). The ones that people try to convince me to change. Add this, add that, take this away. My mom has the audacity to suggest WALNUTS every time I make them. But no. There are not many things in which I'm set firmly in my ways, but these cookies? These cookies are a mainstay. They stay the same because they have to. I need this sort of culinary stability in my life. That's why I'm so free to give the recipe away--YOU go ahead and change the recipe if you like. I'll be making them this way until the day I die (which will be soon, judging by the amount of butter this recipe calls for).

Rant over.

Anyhoo, I made these cookies last night. And I used...the Kitchenaid mixer. I didn't really think anything different would happen, you know? I use a hand mixer all the time, and I assumed the results would be the same.

Oh, baby. (Did I say that already?)

It was like...cookie dough flavored clay. Smooth, perfectly blended. The cookies were GORGEOUS. I have NEVER had such great luck with cookies! Sixteen of the prettiest cookies you ever saw. Granted, I kind of overdid them in the oven because I wasn't paying attention, but we can't blame the Kitchenaid for that. They were still gorgeous, and absolutely delicious.

So now, I may be stealing the Kitchenaid from my mom. Which is probably okay, because she doesn't use it much anyway. I'm even in the process of buying a way-cool attachment for it. I won't say until I've got it in my hot little hands, but stay tuned!

To end, a quote from my current read. It's called "Downwind From Nobody" by Joan Wells, written in the 70's and currently out of print (or so it appears). She and I are kindred spirits, I think:

"Creatures, human and of higher order, need room. Room with clean, green-nourished air to see through, crystal air, smelling of leaves and wind's cargo, air you can sniff with your eyes shut and define its season. A swathe of air up to the sky, and a sweep of sky to get giddy under, uncluttered for sunset and moonrise by any invention."

Mmmm. On that note, tea and goodnight.

-The GLS

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