Monday, June 21, 2010


As per the title, I needed a little bit today. But I gave myself a good talking to, and we're back on good terms. I don't want to ever get back into the headspace I found myself in even a year ago. No, sir. We're happy, here. And that's because we have Jesus (and by the can too!). :)

Anyhoo, I started knitting a new pair of handwarmers on this, the first day of summer. I figured, why not? I think I'm going to line these ones, too, with some fabric from a blouse of mine that ripped awhile back. I kept the fabric because I thought it was pretty. Maybe I'll actually DO something with it? Shocking!

I'm intending for these handwarmers to be a bit girly and spring-timey, not so much heavy winter ones. So the lining is going to be a thin cotton floral print, and the yarn itself is a fairly lightweight heathered peach color. Throw in a bit of moss stitch and some plait around the cuff, and you've got yourself a pretty pair of fingerless non-gloves! That's what I figure, anyway.

I also inherited (shoot, there's that word again!) a whole box of FANTASTIC old-fashioned buttons from my great-grandmother's sewing kit. Seriously, these things are AWESOME. If I give you something with buttons on it, they may very well have once belonged to Grandma Dot. Just so you know.

Off to make a little more headway on these handwarmers.

Happy first day of summer! Hope it's warmer where you are than it is where I am. :)

-The GLS

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