Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Gutsy Little Novel...

Hobbies and passions are funny things. One day, you can be minding your own business, dabbling happily in a little knitting, a little cooking, ho-humming your way through life. Here a little singing, there a little picking at the piano. Nothing crushing. Nothing particularly inspiring. Just a bit of a muddle of things to do.

And old novel idea that has troughed and crested its way through your psyche for five years suddenly shows up, smacks you upside the head, and DEMANDS to be made front and center once again.

So now, I'm dragging out old inspiring songs on the iPod, looking for the best and most portable (but still thick enough/correctly-ruled) notebooks, and quivering with the excitement that only writing gives me.

Understand, I've been happily writing short stories here and there for a little while, so I don't think I'm going to leap into writing this stupid thing again full-tilt. This idea has a sign on it that reads CAUTION: VEHICLE MAKES FREQUENT STOPS.

But it's worth dragging out, dusting off, and trying again. Here a little sketching, there a few notes, character motivations, maps of unfamiliar landscapes, research of cultures and references, all that stuff that I get really excited just THINKING about! After all, if it's stuck with me this long and gone through this many adaptations, there must be SOMETHING to it, right?

Now, where do you suppose I could find a Moleskine at 11:00pm?

-The GLS

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