Monday, July 12, 2010

Old Time Movies.

It's important to remember that classics are classic for a reason, and that there's nothing wrong with cut-and-dried good vs. evil cheesy lovely entertainment once in awhile.

For instance, is there anything like an old episode of Rawhide to bring a family together? To make a group of three tired people collapsed on their sofas suddenly rise in loud cheering and triumphant applause* when old Jeremiah Walsh strikes the axe home and dumps the whole tankard of buffalo whatsit on the two outlaw bad guys, while Gil Favor covers from the cabin? Not only saving himself and his homestead, but saving also the trail boss and the random photographer? Causing his young wife to see him as being more attractive than she ever thought possible?

Well, is there??

I thought not.

Color TV good. Black and white BETTER.

-The GLS

*True story. I think the neighbors are concerned.

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