Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Stupid Purple Scarf.

So, awhile back, I started knitting a Stupid Purple Scarf. To be fair, when I started it, it wasn't stupid yet.

It came directly on the heels of my first (inadvertent) shawl experience, the shawl which was SUPPOSED to be a scarf.

After I finished the Big Green Shawl, I still wanted to use the pattern to make a scarf, so I started a new one. Although this time, in shades of purple.

Well, I got a few stripes into it and then lost interest.

The stupid part started growing as I left the scarf un-knitted in the bottom of the basket I keep my mugs in. It took up room (being that it involved three skeins of purple yarn), it was teasing me to finish it, but I got so irritated with those darn STRIPES.

So I left it alone. For months.

Until a few nights ago, when I picked it back up and completed the pattern WITHOUT the stripes. It looked a little gawky, but at least it was DONE.

Then, I spent all of this evening putting tassles on the dumb thing. The tassles were to serve two purposes. One, to satisfy my need to put tassles on things. And two, to hide the ends of the striped section so I wouldn't have to weave them in. Because I'm lazy like that.


And when I say THICK, I mean THICK. Cushy, even.

But it's still wrapped around my neck, and it's quite warm and cozy, and it's even slightly big enough to drape around my shoulders as a shawlette.

The part you CAN'T see in these photos is that my brand new white tank top is covered in purple fuzz. But, you know, that's why this scarf is stupid.

-The GLS


  1. You look like a colorful lion(ess?):) Cute.

  2. Hey! I like it!!!


  3. Hey, thanks guys!

    Vicki: Rawr. :)