Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Don't Talk With Your Mouth Open.

There are a lot of words beating each other up in my brain right now, trying to be the first to escape through my mouth. So I'll keep things as controlled as I can. Some of the words will just have to stay in my brain where they won't do any damage, but I'll let these incongruous and innocent ones out:

1) Seattle Symphony is amazing, and so is Bugs Bunny.

2) I am happy that summer has finally deigned to show its face around these parts. I actually got *gasp* SWEATY today!

3) I bought a new tinwhistle. Stop rolling your eyes at me, I had a credit at my favorite folk music store. Why are you still rolling your eyes?

4)It's hard not to say things you really want to say, but you know it either won't make a difference or won't make a GOOD difference...or both.

Yep, that's it.

Oh more...

5) Someday I want to attend a performance of Wagner. The whole nine yards. Lohengrin, perhaps? Let's work on that.

-The GLS

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