Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh, Mr. Postman?

The mail is a funny thing. I'm waiting on a few things to arrive in it.

Like my new modem. And the tickets to the way-cool festival I'm attending at the end of the summer. And my bank statements (except I'm pretty sure I went paperless a LONG time ago...what's the deal?).

But as infurating as it is to wait...I like snail mail. I like that it's slow, for some reason. I like the anticipation. I like chewing my fingernails and staring at my walls for days and days just HOPING that the mailman will bring good news.

Okay, scratch that last one. That's pathetic.

But I read a letter from a friend the other day, and it made me smile, and I decided that snail mail must never die. If it ever does, I will start my own Pony Express. It'll just be me. And a messenger bag. And a pony, if I can find one (or else just my Toyota Corolla, and I will rename it "Pony"). And I will deliver your mail, never fear. It just might take me awhile, though, especially if you're sending it Airmail. Maybe I need a plane, too. Named Pony.

Care to join me? If not, would you mind donating? Because the cost of boarding a pony is pretty high. And if that falls through, gas for Pony the Corolla will be monumental. And the price of a plane can't really be chicken feed.

But maybe if it's a plane named Pony it doesn't have to be fancy.

I love snail mail.

(But I want my new modem, now.)

-The GLS

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