Friday, February 19, 2010

A Whim & A Trim

(Look out, male readers, this is a blog post about HAIR.)

Well, I was feeling impulsive, today. You know those days? Where the sunshine makes you nutso and you decide to do something that, in hindsight, might not be the best idea?

It's a good thing my impulsive behaviors are pretty minor...

Today, I decided that I haven't had shorter bangs in a long, long time. And it made me sad, really. Because I think sometimes it's nice to have a little variety in the length of one's hair. And having curly hair is hard, because you get so much conflicting advice about it.

Up until now I've always heard, "ZOMG! No bangs for curly-headed girlies! It doesn't work! It looks awful! Don't do it!"

...but I have a stubborn streak. So I went to the great Wizard of Google to find out what other people are saying on the subject. And wouldn't you know? There are people who are TOTALLY for the idea of curls and bangs co-existing!

That was enough to convince me. I grabbed some $$, hopped in the car, and drove to SuperCuts. Yeah, SuperCuts. Because I'm cheap, and because I don't get my hair cut often enough to have some fancy salon do it.

I told the gal what I thought I wanted and let her do the rest.

Now, here's the thing. When you have curly hair, any type of haircutting place is a nightmare. Because they use A COMB on your hair. (People don't kill curls. COMBS kills curls.) Combs are the gateway to the Arch Nemesis of the Curly-Headed Woman: Poof (whose sister is the other Arch Nemesis of the Curly-Headed Woman, Frizz). Combs destroy the curls and create a poofy mass of afro, but not COOL afro. Like, 80's style poof. Ew.

So when you initially get your hair done, you get what I like to call "scissor shock" (which, apparently, is also a band...?). Until you get home, take a shower, put in the necessary products, and do a little finagling you will not be satisfied with your new look. It's just the way of things.

However, I'm pretty happy with it! It's almost dry, now (I air dry, because I'm lazy). And it looks a little something like this:

Nifty, yeah? Welcome back to the world of headbands, clippies, and tendrils, hair! I'm glad to be back, at least for a little while...

Do something impulsive, today. It's fun!

-The GLS

PS: I gave myself a good chuckle over deciding how to tag this post. Is getting your hair cut an activity? Should I start a "Hair Cuts of Gutsiness" tag? Could I get away with tagging this under "Music of Gutsiness" or "Musings of Gutsiness" under the pretense of being philosophical? In the end, I decided to just opt for haircutting being an Activity and stop overanalyzing everything I do.

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  1. i want your sweater. and your curly hair.