Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boots & Temptations

I convince myself of things very easily. One of those things happens to be the inclination to spend money.

Thankfully I have no credit cards or vast amounts of cash to blow on things, but every once and awhile I'll convince myself to walk out of a store with something I don't really love, just because I can.

Por ejemplo...I've been looking for black boots for awhile now, but since I'm cheap I've been looking for under $30, if possible. And seeing as how there's lots of sales on now I was hoping I'd find something that fit my price range and that I loved the look of.

Walking into the Shoe Store With The Clingy Sales Associates (which shall remain unnamed), I didn't expect much. But I DID find a pair of black boots that I didn't hate the look of, in the box.

Obviously I decided to try them on. And they didn't really look all that bad. But I asked myself a tough question...are they worth it? Do I really LOVE the way they look on me? Do I think I could find something for cheaper somewhere else that is a better bargain and will suit me better? And honestly, does this all this angst over boots really matter in the long run?

The gutsiest thing I did today was look in the mirror with those $40 black boots on, decide they just weren't worth the money (or the angst), and put them back on the shelf. I then proceeded to flounce out of the store (yes, founce) with a very satisfied and happy feeling. The Clingy Sales Associates didn't know what hit 'em...

There's a part of me--a shallow and very selfish part--that still yearns for those boots, but I think what I yearn for is the control of handing a store clerk a debit card. Something about that is fulfilling in a very empty but potent way. The boots weren't really that good-looking and were kind of cheap-feeling. But it's so easy to get caught up in what you think you really need, isn't it?

It may not seem too gutsy, but it's been a long time since I've turned my back on a purchase like that.

Happiness is not a pair of boots, nor anything you can hold. If only I lived my life more aware of that simple fact.

-The GLS

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