Monday, February 15, 2010

A Film & A Smile

Short post, this evening, because I have miles to go before I sleep. (Robert Frost, y'all...)

I went out to a movie tonight with Indefish! We saw "Valentine's Day", which featured a truly all-star cast. I mean, every person that turned around and showed their face on screen prompted a, "Whoa! I know them!" from myself and my companion. It was pretty crazy.

The story itself--or stories, rather--was pretty cute, in an interconnected web of people in LA who are all experiencing Valentine's Day in their own way. Lots of love triangles and broken hearts and mended hearts and reconciliations and hugging in cemetaries and flowers and cute kids and dogs. And Julia Roberts in fatigues.

The only thing I kept getting caught on....was that parts of the story seemed vaguely familiar. Not, like, word-for-word, but the airports and the lovesick kids and the doomed marriages with husbands having affairs? Why do I remember that? Only with...English accents...?

Oh yeah.

"Love, Actually."

However, if we're comparing the two films "Love, Actually" beats out "Valentine's Day" hands-down. Because it has Colin Firth falling in love with a Portuguese woman who doesn't speak English in what might be the cutest love story of all time. Instant win. It also has Hugh Grant acting muddled (shocker!) and Bill Nighy singing totally insipid pop songs. And Julia Roberts in fatigues.

Okay. Forget that last detail. It just kind of tripped me out.

Anyway, go see "Valentine's Day" if you like sappy romcoms with misunderstandings and Indian restuarants and Jamie Foxx (which, I do!).

In other news, I have decided that I am going into this week with a smile. Because I need to, and Tuesdays that act like Mondays are tough. Because I have a lot to get done before tomorrow's class experience will be a good one. And because without a smile...we ain't got nothing, right? Right.

Much love to all. Feeling all warm and fuzzy...

-The GLS

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