Friday, February 12, 2010

Hats & Prayers

We come to the end of one of the longest weeks in recorded history. Sickness sweeping through my workplace, heinous videographic crimes shown in the classroom, general mayhem involving poetry and mathematics.


In pretty strict contrast to my last post, all I have to say is this: I've started two new knitting projects! Bringing the total works-in-progress for the moment to six. Whoa. Maybe I ought to finish something soon....

1) Starting my very first fair isle hat! As you may remember, fair isle is a type of knitting with two or three or more colors to create really pretty patterns. Now I'm putting that fair isle-ness to good use in hat-form. Wish me far I'm not sure if it's working or not. Hard to tell when you're only a few rows in. In any case, the finished product will hopefully look something like this.

2) Ever heard of a prayer shawl? It's where people knit shawls--because they're pretty easy to do without concentrating--and pray as they start every row. It's kind of like a spiritual discipline, in a way, and in the end they typically give the shawl away as a gift to the person they prayed for. Well, I'm starting a scarf with some of my scrap yarn, and I've found myself thinking about different people and things in my life as I start every stripe, so I thought...why not? It's a prayer scarf! Cool!

Yikes, that's all, I can barely keep my eyes open.!

-The GLS

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