Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Taxis & Percentages

So, gutsy studying pays off!

I got a 98% on my mid-term! Yahoo!!

Feels good to get such a good grade, especially since I don't typically study for things like this.

In other news, I went to the Library and decided to pick out something that I've never seen before, and ended up going home with Season 2 of the old 70's show "Taxi", knowing that my mom and dad really enjoyed it when they were dating and stuff. As soon as I got home I popped it in.

My review: Taxi is HILARIOUS. Very funny show, and features a lot of famous actors before their time. Danny DeVito, Christopher Lloyd, Judd Hirsch, Rhea Perlman, Tony Danza, and the fantastic Andy Kaufman. Obviously it's very 70's, with the hair and the clothes and the weird humor (and did I mention the hair?). In fact, the writers of the show were Les and Glen Charles, the same writers for "Cheers". So if you like some of those classic shows you'll like "Taxi", as the humor is very similar to "Cheers".

Can't speak to Season 1, but Season 2 is really funny so far. A good experiment. Worth it to see Andy Kaufman pull a kitten out of his pocket. Classic.

It's time for sleep.

-The GLS

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