Monday, February 1, 2010

Gutsy & Smart

Sadly, this is not a long post.

In fact, it's a very short post.

Because I'm doing something very gutsy and new...for me. Ready for this?

I'm studying.

Not just studying, either. I'm studying for a test. A mid-term exam. What's so gutsy about that, you ask? The fact that I never study. Ever. I'm a take-the-grades-as-they-come sort of girl, and usually I do alright without cracking a book. I'm also...just the teensiest bit...lazy about such things.

However, this time I thought I'd be responsible--and gutsy--and actually look over my notes from my Mass Media class and read over the chapters before I go in there and make a fool of myself when I don't know the answers. This teacher is tougher than I thought she'd be...

Obviously, since I'm in the act of gutsiness right now, I can't talk. So I'm going to leave this post at this and turn my computer off. Wish me luck!

-The GLS.

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