Thursday, August 26, 2010


Watching a video of a Gogol Bordello performance. While I like GB, watching them perform in interesting experience. I's Letterman.'s Gogol Bordello. I dunno. You be the judge.

I'm a wee bit tired. I watched the new Sherlock Holmes (finally!) this evening at a movie night of good friends. Dogs and babies were everywhere. Food was spilling off the table. There was laughter and someone threw a bottle at my knee (I'm still holding a grudge!). But it was good, clean, wholesome fun.

And Sherlock Holmes, or what I caught of it between snuggling the kids and smushing the dogs and snacking on snap peas (don't get all of that confused), was pretty darned cool. And gritty. I think gritty is the word that all the reviewers used, so I'll use it too. I mean...does it get any better than Robert Downey Jr? I love that man. And I love waistcoats. Did I mention I love waistcoats?

Off to bed.

-The GLS

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