Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flying Purple People Eater.

To continue with what appears to be a "People of Gutsiness" series, I hereby give tonight's gutsiness points to Sheb Wooley, famous for acting roles in numerous 1950's and 60's Westerns, including some personal favorites of mine (being High Noon and Rawhide).

I watched High Noon this evening, again. Seriously brilliant movie. I don't care if it was made in 1952, it's still fantastic. And Sheb gets to play a bad guy, which is fun if you've ever watched him be good ol' Pete in Rawhide.

But Sheb's gutsy points are not due to being a fantastic actor, nor are they given for being ruggedly handsome (which, you know, he is). No, Sheb's gutsy points are awarded for this monstrosity.

Don't watch unless you have a strong stomach. And speakers that turn way down.

But really, we have to be thankful to Sheb for something like that. Because honestly, without songs like the above, how would we be able to discern what is good and wholesome in this world?

My hat is off to you, Sheb. I think I'll stick with watching you act instead of listening to you sing. Makes me more inclined to like you.

-The GLS

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