Friday, August 6, 2010

Garlic Spray, Please.

Five Good Reasons to get a Rooftop Herb Garden:

1) Fresh herbs. Duh.

2) You can worry over something other than homework, work-work, or housework. You can even worry over them while you're DOING homework, work-work, or housework.

3) You can bring up your herbs in anecdotes and conversations, in lieu of children or pets, and carry pictures of them in your wallet.

4) You can feel connected to nature, especially when an errant earwig attacks you from under a ceramic pot.

And finally...

5) It's just a really great excuse to go climbing on your roof at all hours of the day or night.

This list brought to you by an amateur horticulturalist who has just discovered POWDERY MILDEW (grrrrrrrrr!) on her lemon thyme plant. Hoping to treat the poor thing tomorrow, but until then...I needed to list the reasons I am glad I am gardening. For my own edification, you see.

Dreaming of happy herbs...

-The GLS

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